Our (Non-)pricing

Our pricing will follow soon. We’re still testing some models to see how far we can jump.

But one thing stands: Selected Non-Profits will pay NOTHING.

-Not for the design

-Not for the hosting

-Not for the maintenance.


We can obviously not serve every qualifying at the same time, so it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The plan is, to donate one website to a non-profit, for every paid website.

We might still adjust this, but we did decide to get started as such.
But that’s where the power of your community need to help Karma a bit by spreading the news.

The more sites we sell, the more sites we can donate.

From thereon, we will see how things work out.

Why free? What’s the catch?

Because together, we can make a difference.

There’s no catch.

 The short story is, that we were tired.


Tired of marketers screaming over each other, on top of their voices, that they found the golden million dollar funnel recipe.

We grew tired of deep-pocketed PPC (Google and Facebook) advertising networks holding us ransom.

So we decided that we were done spending our (rather modest) marketing budget, stuffing already overfilled bank accounts.


That’s how we decided to do something meaningful with what we had.

Something that would make a difference.  No matter how small.

And from thereon we leave it to Karma, to do the rest.
Karma, and the people we made happy during the run of the process.

The Team

Gugu Nkomo

Gugu Nkomo

Content processing

Gugu will be responsible for the processing of your content and making it shine!

If she’s not found looking at her screen, then most likely she’s looking around in fashion shops.

A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do?

Edwin Spiessens

Edwin Spiessens

Head development

Weathered WordPress developer, turning his hobby into a living.

Very broad experience in Web and Internet technology.

His other hobbies are woodwork and Salsa music and dancing.

Thuli Magasela

Thuli Magasela

General Manager

Thuli runs a tight ship here at E-Launch.Me.

She’s the one that makes sure that communication, collaboration and delivery all keep on the same track.

If not, she’s most likely planting a tree or harvesting veggies. 

Wiseman Thundazime

Wiseman Thundazime

Data processing

About us

A micro team, with an oversized vision of a caring and sharing society.

It is this shared vision which has been the main driver behind E-Launch.Me and that became our Mission:

By trying to offer as many free websites as we can possibly manage with our  tiny team, we believe we are enabling the voice of the vulnerable, a platform for the causes that we can align ourselves with.

The criteria are simple and straightforward:

If you have a cause that is standing up for:

  • Social Equality,

  • Human and/or Animal welfare,

  • Or that promotes  Ecological sustainability

  • Or possible other causes under similar nominators

Talk to us!


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